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5 Ways Technology Can Help Promote Your Business

19 Apr , 2018  

5 Ways Technology Can Help Promote Your Business

Technology has become such an effective weapon that it can have enormous impacts on the growth of your business. It helps in reorienting the business to a better position and help shape the future growth and development of the business.

Most of the business owners do not acknowledge the fact that overinvesting in a fancy website is not the only way to use technology to promote their businesses. Digital promotion is a lot more than just having a beautiful website. It is imperative these days to use social media to establish your brands and make your online presence strong. Search engine optimisation is vital for enhancing your company’s more detectable and palpable and website optimisation to ensure that your website is functioning well.

The digital promotion has become so cost effective in today’s world that you get imminent results through promotion campaigns immediately. You can quickly test various methods to promote your product and choose and apply one which seems most useful for your business. You can easily test different creative concepts, change campaigns, modify copy or even adjust your customer profiles as per your requirements to improve your results.

Here are 5 tips to try to promote and increase the exposure of your business to its potential customers:

1. Use one social media platform consistently to promote your business.

There is no denying the fact that social media platforms are one of the most effective platforms for product and services promotion in today’s era. From youngsters to adults and kids, all use different platforms. You can make the most out of this technology and promote your small business on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn,Pinterest, Twitter, etc. Mark your presence in this competitive market by using any one social media platform.

New-age entrepreneurs are doing the same despite their size and nature of business. You just need to pay attention on the quality of your content while posting something on such sites. It should be customer-oriented, engaging and inviting. Use videos, images along with the descriptions to let social media users understand you in the better way.

For all the social media sites you can post to just one platform and can link it to other platforms as well. And in this way, you can easily expand your reach. However, if you are hiring an individual or an agency to manage all this for you, then make sure that you choose wisely. Don’t hire someone on the basis of money, but someone who understands the value of your business and is well versed in handling social media. You may never know, but one unsuitable tweet or status update could have wide-reaching ramifications for your business.

2. Use online public relations (PR) effectively

There is a wide variety of services and pricing available that can help you reach your target audiences as per your budget. Always share the high points of your business- launch of new products and services, special; milestones you have achieved, significant changes on your management team, and any considerable new client engagements etc. keep uploading videos and photos that are related to your news. Also, take opportunities to present news about your business in print as well as online publications or local industry newsletters and blogs to market your business.

However, it is essential to understand that location for your business is equally important so that you can convert your online traffic into new customers. Also, location-based marketing can help you find new customers, but if your business is in an inaccessible or isolated place, then there will be no use of such marketing. It’s imperative to move your business at a place that can be easily accessed by your current and potential customers. Hire professional Removalists Brisbane, Queensland today to relocate your business to the best and the most reachable location.

3. Recognise pay-per-click (PPC) advertising as a cost-effective way to create leads for your business.

PPC is popular not only on search engines now but prominent social media sites as well. Millions of people access popular websites on a daily basis and the advertising your business on such websites are getting a lot of attention. These sites have so much reach that they can place your ad very explicitly so that your prospective customers see it.

For instance, if you want to reach other businesses owners, you can check the database which allows you to select who will see your ad based on location, industry, company name or size, function or designation.

Hence you can also hire a PPC specialist to manage your campaigns which will help you in taking wise steps. Running successful PPC campaigns is not that easy and hiring professionals is very effective in this case.

4. Considering technology as a tool

Many businesses see and use technology as an expense and not an advantage. They think that investing a big part of their budget for technology will return a significant percentage. However, it is not right. In fact, they should use technology as a tool and get its true competitive advantage so that they can accomplish as much as possible.

5. Share the knowledge

The digital world is all about building relationships. Make your audience your priority in your business. Give something to your visitors every time they come to see your website. It can be anything like an eBook or a sample of your insights which can help them in learning something. However, it should be not a product or sales pitch. Instead of focussing on money, first become a trustworthy advisor so that people can seek your business.


Technology is redesigning every aspect of businesses and having the right strategies will help you in being ahead of everyone else. As a business owner, you should understand what technologies can work the best for your business. Implement these ways as they will help you use technology in your business efficiently.