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Tricks to Promote Business on Digital Platform

28 Mar , 2017  

Technology has become a part of our everyday life. The people today opt for shopping online instead of stepping out in the market. This reflects the change in buyer’s mind-set. But, are you still running the business in traditional fashion? If, yes then let us tell you the tricks to promote trade through a digital platform.

Digital inside

1. Showcase a small piece of services on the home page.

The home page of the website is responsible for making of the reputation. Give a brief description about your company and let people know what your company is all about. Don’t try to turn each viewer into a consumer. Simply, focus on letting people know more regarding how the product you are offering is different from that of the others.

2. Reposition of the subscription link

The top-left corner of the website is the first place that grabs all the eyeballs. Thus, it is important to showcase a link that will help you connect with the buyers directly. Make the connectivity of the visitors easy by providing the subscription link here. The user subscribing for your website will get the automatic notification of the every post you create on the page. This will enable you to connect faster and swiftly with the users.

3. Add impactful hover ads.

Hover ads are a useful tool to promote your business. Don’t misunderstand the hover ads with pop-ups. Ads running on the hover of your website are referred as the hover ads, whereas the pop-ups come in between the page and distract the user. Thus, don’t waste time to promote business on pop-up menu. Instead place hover-ads on your website.

Introduce the special offer on hover and feel the difference. These ads won’t target each and everyone browsing through the internet. But, yes this commercial reach to the target audience directly. According to a recent survey, a large number of entrepreneurs have earned increased profits by selling of their product directly to the target audience with the help of hover-ads.

4. List advantages of your products through headlines.

What is a headline?

Headline is a one liner that offers an overview of the content written in the paragraph. The basic rule for writing a headline is its constructive structure. Try using least number of words to make the headline. For example:-

Headline – Train run over trolley at ABC crossing, three people injured; two dead.
An accident took place at the ABC railway crossing injuring three people. The incident took place around 5 in the morning and the cause for this mishap is unclear so far. A trolley hit train was carrying five people out which two died on the spot.

5. Enhance your credibility by placing testimonials

The testimonials are a brief description of the user experience. Consumers face several types of the issue while placing the order or after receiving the order. Expression of the customers view after availing your services is known as the testimonials in the website.

6. Write for the customers.

While penning down the content, people often make one silly mistake. That is of, addressing the article as ‘I’, ‘Me’, and ‘We’. These pronouns make the website owner-centric. Try avoiding these words in the website. Instead, use ‘Your’. For example: – Find one-stop solution to your problems here at

7. Convince the users to buy now

It is important to create a wave of hurriedness among the buyers. The website with pop-up that showcase, ‘Limited period offer’, ‘Special discount’ or ‘Limited edition’. In short, you must create a situation of urgency to buy the product. Exploit the selling conditions by uploading creative content on the website such as, ‘Hurry, offer available till the stock lasts’. Or ‘Buy now or never’. These are the tricks to increase the sale by a huge margin.

8. Make the product look a desirable one.

Images make everything appealing. Thus, place the beautiful images of your product on the website. Try including pictures shot from different dimensions to make the product look more eye catching.

9. Upload high-quality content.

The quality of content you are uploading plays a crucial role in online marketing. You must ensure that the content is free from grammatical errors and it must not be a copied content. Check for plagiarism once the content is uploaded on the site.

10. Maintain the page speed.

Keep a tab on the page speed. The slow pace of page speed can make you lose several customers. Thus, it is necessary to maintain the high speed of the website page.


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