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Small Businesses That Remained Unaffected From COVID-19

17 Mar , 2021  

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It is no secret that the coronavirus pandemic has hampered the economic activity worldwide, and thousands of industries have suffered because of it. According to the Australian government department of health, the total number of case in the country is around 30k, while the total number of deaths is 909. Last year, various businesses got shut down, and thousands of people got unemployed. From Airlines to hotel, almost all the business has suffered massively. However, there are also some businesses that remained unaffected from COVID-19. Read the article to know about small businesses that remained unaffected.

1. Telecom and Internet

As the government urged its citizens to stay at home and practice social distancing, the use of phones and the internet increased significantly. Whether it is work from home, chatting with friends, family or for entertainment purpose, it became essential for everyone, and nothing has changed so far. As it was generating revenues, the business remained unaffected.

2. Cleaning Business

The cleaning business in the country also remained unaffected. As the threat of virus and infections was everywhere, the demand for cleaning and disinfecting increased. It allowed the business of cleaning to thrive, and people started to opting for hiring professionals for the end of lease cleaning Adelaide and sanitisation of their residential property. The cleaning professionals use modern tools and the latest techniques to clean a property perfectly.

3. Garment Manufacturing

Different businesses in the garment manufacturing sector also remain unaffected. As the demand for masks, gloves, surgical gowns, sanitisers and other similar items increased tremendously worldwide, the small business generated a lot of revenue. As a result of that, they successfully stayed away from losses. The manufacturers followed effective ways to increase productivity using technology

5. Insurance 

The insurance industry also witnessed stability during the tough time because people realise the importance of insurance in such a pandemic. So, whether it is life insurance or health insurance, it remains unaffected from the COVID-19.

6. Health Checkups

During the COVID-19 pandemic, more and more people opted for health checkups due to various problems and recommendations of the doctors. Survey has revealed that the numbers of test that have been done in the labs during COVID are ways more in number in comparison to other times. They were also taking care of themselves and, therefore, using medicines as a precautionary measure. 


If you are planning to make investments or start your business, then you should go for something that remained unaffected by the coronavirus. So, before you make a decision, keep in mind the businesses mentioned above.

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