5 Effective Ways to Increase Productivity Using Technology

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5 Effective Ways to Increase Productivity Using Technology

3 Apr , 2018  

Business technologies make operations easier and more efficient. Technology has become an integral part of the businesses today- and this is a trend which is growing day by day. Using technology is directly correlated to business growth as it increases productivity.
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There are many ways to use technology to increase the productivity of your business Businesses these days are continually looking for new technologies to create a workforce which is more effective, more productive and more inventive. Recognising technology solutions that release various attributes and enable true productivity is the goal of all businesses today.
Here are 5 effective ways to Increase Productivity Using Technology:

1. Connecting detached workforces

Businesses are saving more capital as the in-house staff is depreciating and mobile workforce is expanding day by day. Maintaining large workspaces requires a lot of money; this is why more and more companies are giving their employees the option to work offsite. It is helping them save money for the business. This also helps the hiring team to get better candidates. Mobile-friendly technologies provide instantaneous access to business information, data, and their team; as required by productive employees. Not only this, it saves a lot of time and helps in management of remote team, which has become the need of the hour due to Corona virus situation.

2. Collaboration Tools

Collaboration tools provide faster and more comprehensive communication which helps in creating an open and communicative environment. Collaboration software is another method to increase productivity using technology. This software provides an all in one environment where team members plan, discuss and execute their business strategies. These programs have all the tools at one place with access to every member. These tools help the employees in communicating with each other as it creates a chat-like environment, which serves as a more comfortable setting.

It has made communication easy and helped the managers organise he work schedule for each employee working remotely. Now, they can monitor the tasks of every employee easily, without even being in the same office space.

Another way by which these collaboration tools help in increasing productivity is by minimising meetings, which is one the biggest time taking activity in businesses. A recent study says that twenty percent of a company’s total time spends in attending the meetings. By using these tools, you can reduce the need for unnecessary meetings.

3. Organising the business

Technology helps in getting your staff and work well organised. Infinite hours get wasted while searching for information through spreadsheets in large data sets. Creating a database system allows your staff to easily access the data and information which will automatically increase the efficiency and productivity of your employees and business. These database systems not only provides easy access to different information but can manage other things also such as keeping track of your employees’ work hours, or company’s expenses and many other things- all in one place. Such tracking solutions help the managers, clients and employees in remaining up to date, productive and compliant.

Technology provides your employees easy and automatic access to customer information and hence minimises time wasted searching for that information. As a result, it increases customer satisfaction as they get faster remedies to their problems.

4. Virtualization

Using technology to explore virtualisation helps in lowering hardware maintenance costs and capital expenditures as it lessens down the frequency of essential upgrades. Not only this, but it also saves costs on services repairs. Virtualising operating systems extends the lifespan of older desktops computers. Having a virtual copy of your infrastructure can get your team back up and running instantly as it’s hard to be productive during a power cut, and downtime is expensive.

5. Technology Processes

Many software and applications offer higher process efficiency, and this leads to increased productivity and higher profits. Hence, examine the business technology that you are using and try to seek out if there are other systems available that provide far more process improvement.

Not only using the available technology but it’s crucial that you have the right technology because it has a direct impact on productivity. It is quite common for different business tools and technologies to consume large amounts of time and efforts from your team.

For example, Digital spreadsheets are used properly are very resourceful tools, but if the data is not entered in the correct place or the formulas are incorrect, all the time and effort will be ruined, and you will not achieve the process improvement. All IT tools are built to improve processes; they simply cost your organisation time and money if not used properly.


Engaged and highly productive employees working on organisation’s strategic objectives lead to the growth of the businesses. Employees want to be appreciated for their hard work and technology helps in reducing the communication gaps and conveying to the members of the team that they are valued. This, in turn, leads to greater business productivity.

Business productivity software and technology provides tools to the organisations to overcome different challenges that arise during the execution of business strategies.